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Wide range of parcel typed covered with our insurance services

Save up to 90% on insurance costs

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Simple, rapid, & paperless claims process

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Inbound and outbound coverage.

We provide insurance for both national and international transportation of goods


Shipping insurance protects senders in cases where parcels are lost or damaged in transit. Shipping carriers often provide a very basic shipping insurance plan where the carrier’s maximum liability for uninsured package(s) is $100.00 . While carriers do offer their own full insurance coverage, it comes at a much higher premium. FlagShip is committed to making your small business shipping easy, cost-efficient and stress-free. That is why we have our own in-house insurance at a much lower rate.


GBLInsurance insurance program rates are the lowest in the industry but there’s more!

Competitive Price: Insurance rates for items valued over $100.00 can get extremely expensive with prices of over $2.50/$100.00 of insurance purchased. Our insurance program rates are the lowest in the industry with a rate of $1.25/$100.00*. So, whether you are looking for shipping insurance to protect your small package or freight LTL shipment, going by truck, air or ocean – GBLInsurance has got you covered.
Get reimbursed: To get reimbursed you will need to go through a claims process and depending on who you ship with, the claims process can be quite the hassle. GBLInsurance makes your insurance claim process seamless and stress-free. Simply contact GBLInsurance’s customer service team and they will assist you with the entire claims process, making it an easy and hassle-free experience. Regardless of which shipping carrier used, there is only one number to call for any issues or questions; our customer service team is here to help, even after hours!
It’s easy to add insurance: Adding GBLInsurance’s in-house insurance to your shipment can be done right at the time of processing your shipment through GBLInsurance’s online shipping system and the fee is worked into your overall shipping price. So it’s easy to add insurance to any shipment. Not sure if a product is insurable? Just contact us and we will be able to assist you to make sure you are protected. Not a GBLInsurance customer? Create an account for free.

Do I need shipping insurance?

Typically shipments valued less than $100.00 are insured by most couriers where the couriers maximum liability for uninsured package(s) is $100.00 . However, when shipping items valued higher than $100.00, small business owners should consider purchasing additional insurance for their shipment. The only thing worse than a shipment being lost, stolen or damaged in transit … is not having the right level of insurance to cover your costs.

As a small business owner, focus on what is important rather than stressing over your shipment. Give yourself a peace of mind that if anything happens to your shipment, you are covered. If you choose not to insure your high-value shipment, you essentially accept the responsibility for that package – meaning you will be covering costs if it is damaged, lost or stolen.

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