When a shipment is lost or damaged, we are here to make the process as simple as possible. Once you file a claim we will send you a detailed list of next steps. We typically request the following:

  1. If your shipment has not arrived at the intended destination, contact the shipping carrier and ask if they can locate it by filing a tracer.
  2. Complete our electronic claim form and provide all required documents within one hundred and twenty (120) calendar days from the date of shipment.
    1. Some packages that are yet to be delivered will require a waiting period to give the shipping carriers time to complete the delivery.
  3. Provide the following supporting documents:
    1. Copy of the carrier’s settlement check and stub, if they provide free coverage. DO NOT WAIT FOR CARRIER CHECK TO FILE CLAIM WITH SHIPSURANCE.
    2. Copy of original invoice/receipt to/from the recipient.
      1. If the claim is for damage please describe the damage. If repairs are possible, include the cost of the repair from disinterested 3rd party. If repairs are NOT possible, include the salvage value.
      2. If the claim is for damage, photos and inspection may be required. Retain all packaging material and damaged goods in its original form as received. DO NOT FAX PHOTOGRAPHS.
    3. Claim statement/affidavit form signed by the recipient. Online claims verification service option available.

That’s It! Remember, all documents can be submitted electronically and we provide a clear, detailed list of what is needed.

Regarding reimbursable insurance, all the information will be detailed on your invoice of your insurance.

For any inquiries,you can write us at: [email protected]